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Blocked Drains

Aqua Rod (South West) Ltd is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you’ve got a drain that needs to be unblocked, we are equipped and ready to unblock it.

We operate a fleet of vehicles ranging from jetting vans, to vacuum tankers and large combination units in the area, each of which is equipped with the latest tools and crewed by experienced and qualified engineers. We know the harm that a blocked drain can do to your business, which is why our top priority is to arrive on site as quickly as possible.

Blocked Drains

All our rapid response vehicles are fitted with the latest high pressure water jetting equipment, enabling us to quickly and efficiently resolve your drainage problems. In the case of a blocked drain, our highly experienced and trained operators use rodding or high pressure water to clear the blockage.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting can be a powerful abrasive tool. High pressure water jetting can quickly and effectively remove any substances that might be preventing water from draining correctly. High pressure water jetting can be used to clear and clean drains, culverts and larger diameter sewers as well as removal of fats, greases, concrete and roots from inside of the drain or sewer.

Regular Maintenance Contracts

As well as emergency callouts, we can provide regular servicing and maintenance for your drainage system to help avoid serious issues occurring by detecting potential faults early and carrying out minor repairs in order to prevent major problems appearing at a later date. This regular, pre-emptive work saves you from considerable expense and inconvenience.

If drains keep getting blocked, we can carry out a detailed CCTV survey to identify the potential causes.


Car Park Drains and Gullies

Alongside our regular maintenance contracts we also provide services to manage your business premise’s storm drainage such as ACO drains, road / storm gullies and gutter systems. Our engineers will attend your premises and clear the debris from the effecting area normally caused by leaves and rubbish, use high pressure water to clean and clear the system.

Save yourself from a drainage emergency, or prevent one from happening in the first place, by getting in touch with Aqua Rod (South West) Ltd today.