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Domestic Drainage Surveys

It can be difficult to know what’s going on in your piping systems, however, knowing is crucial in helping you prevent problems from evolving, or to rectify any existing problems. CCTV surveys are a comprehensive and simple way of assessing the current condition of your drains.

We can check your drains, sewers, and pipelines and offer you with a detailed Wincan report which will indicate the problems we have discovered and recommend the best course of action to take. We can even offer you a full-colour DVD, so you can see exactly what we’re talking about.

Investigatory CCTV Surveys

It’s better to check that everything is fine, rather than hoping for the best while a small issue develops into a huge problem. With our investigatory surveys we can oversee the internal condition of your drains and sewage systems, highlighting any collapses, damage, or blockages which could become huge issues. Because we can appropriately identify and oversee any problems, we are then able to provide the appropriate repairs with minimal disruption.

Home Buyer/Seller CCTV Surveys

Drainage surveys are commonly requested as part of the conveyance package. Lenders want to be sure that there are no major problems that could present a risk to the property, so a comprehensive survey carried out by a trusted and accredited company provides all the evidence required first time, which can simplify the entire buying or selling process. This is especially appropriate for an older property, or one that has been renovated or had extensions added.

Pre build surveys

Since the sewer transfer in 2011 it has become more common for the local water authority to request a CCTV survey should any development or building work be taking place near their owned drainage network even if the drain is inside your property boundary. Similar to a pre buyer survey we attend site and survey the drains around the property or development as requested and provide a full WInCan report on the drainage network and its current condition. This report can then be forwarded to the local water authority for their approval. It has also become common that once the development or building work has been completed a completion a sign off CCTV survey is required to ensure no damage has occurred during the works.

Catch problems before they appear, or locate a hidden issue, with our professional and comprehensive domestic drain surveys. Call today for more information.

Video examples of past CCTV Surveys

Example of a clean pipe


Example of drainage pipe in disrepair


Case study

We were originally requested by Mr F to attend his property in Mullion in 2013 due to problems with flooding. We discovered a hidden manhole cover approximately two feet below the surface of the garden. This was excavated and revealed where the main blockage had been occurring. We rebuilt the manhole to raise the level for access purposes. A CCTV survey of the drains showed that there was root ingress, which was also causing obstruction. We used a root cutter to remove the roots and carried out a further CCTV survey to ensure the drains were clear. The manhole was rebuilt and is now used as part of an annual servicing scheme which includes High Pressure Water Cleaning and CCTV surveying.

Mr F stated:

“When I originally called Aqua Rod (South West) Ltd I was having problems with the storm drains, which kept blocking and flooding. A hidden manhole was found in the garden and a camera survey showed roots were growing in the pipework. Aqua Rod (South West) Ltd cleared the roots from the drains and got them flowing again, and raised the manhole in the garden. Now they attend once a year to check the condition of the pipework using their camera equipment. I am very happy with the service provided, which illustrates not only a rapid response but also a thorough approach to the problem that resulted in an on-going successful solution.”