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Knowing what is going on with your pipes protects you from future issues and complications. Whether you need a trustworthy report for a local authority, or just want to make sure that you don’t get caught out by the next spell of bad weather, our drainage system inspections and pipe surveys fit the bill perfectly. We can help you to meet expectations, keep everything in sound working order, and spot small issues before they become big problems.

CCTV Survey

We have the latest in cutting-edge CCTV technology, operated by experienced surveyors who are accredited to OS19X standard, as required by local water companies. With our up-to-date equipment, including the Mainline Crawler Camera CCTV Drainage Survey Unit, we can deliver a full range of CCTV services and capabilities on pipes between 50mm and 1000mm in diameter. These crawler systems provide colour CCTV inspection to allow for an accurate assessment of your drainage system.

Once the surveying work has been completed on site a full WinCan report is created and issued to confirm the outcome of the survey. Complete with full colour DVD this report will highlight any faults and defects within the system with our recommendations should any repair work be required.

Pre-Adoption CCTV Surveys

A Pre-Adoption survey is required on both Foul and Storm drainage systems installed at new developments such as housing estates and road networks. More commonly known as section 104 and section 38 surveys we can carry out a full CCTV adoption survey completed by OS19X accredited surveyors to ensure the drainage system will be adopted by the local water authority and local councils.

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Video examples of past CCTV Surveys

Example of a clean pipe


Example of drainage pipe in disrepair