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What Could Be Blocking My Drain? Three Causes

What Could Be Blocking My Drain? Three Causes

Blocked drains are a very common problem that plagues homes and businesses all year round. A blocked drain can result in a less than optimal performance, affecting how fast liquids and waste can flow through it. In serious cases, they might stop liquid from streaming through, which could back up and cause waste to flow back into your home/business.

Here are three common causes of blocked drains you should look out for.


The most common cause of drains becoming blocked is debris building up inside. This could be food, hair, soap or toilet paper. These become caught in the pipes and eventually more and more debris will build up, causing a blockage.

Broken Pipes

If a pipe is broken, water cannot flow freely through it, causing the drain to block. Pipes can break in any number of ways, from age to being disrupted by tree roots. Tree roots are a common plague on drainage systems, so if you have a tree that grows near your drains, be wary of future blockages occurring.

Incorrect Installation

A leading cause of blocked drains is the pipes being installed incorrectly. With a rise in DIY renovation, many have turned to doing their own pipework but often do a bad job at it. This could be pipes being misaligned or not attached properly, leading to them collapsing.

Incorrect installation can also lead to water flow issues. Water doesn’t flow upwards so pipes must be installed correctly to accommodate this. Water flow issues can easily lead to debris building up and getting stuck in drains. This is why you should always hire a professional to install pipes. A lot of DIY renovations make a mess out of installing pipework, so you can save money in the long run by hiring an experienced plumber.

Drainage Solutions

If you suspect your drain is blocked and want to get it surveyed and cleared, get in touch today with Aqua Rod South West Ltd. We are a professional drainage company based in Cornwall, specialising in the clearance and maintenance of drains and septic tanks. We start with a CCTV survey that can enter your drainage system and look for any blockages or issues. We can then clear the issue in a timely manner using top of the line equipment.

It’s important you keep your drains as clear and clean as possible, so you can set up regular servicing and maintenance with us to ensure further problems don’t arise. Get in touch today by calling 01209 861099 to book your services with one of our staff, or visit our website now to find out more about the full range of drainage solutions and maintenance we offer.

Published by: David Parkes on: April 28th 2022