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What Is A Septic Tank Used For?

What Is A Septic Tank Used For?

A septic tank is an underground chamber that is usually made of concrete, fibreglass or plastic. Thousands of septic tanks are used around the country as a type of simple onsite sewage facility.

 But what exactly is a septic tank used for and how do you maintain one? Read on to find out.

Why Use A Septic Tank?

The main point of a septic tank is to have somewhere to store waste in areas that are not connected to a sewerage system, such as rural areas and worksites. While inside the septic tank the wastewater goes through basic treatment, with anaerobic bacteria decomposing or mineralising the waste discharged into the tank.

Because the rate of accumulation of sludge is faster than the rate of decomposition, a septic tank must be regularly emptied and cleaned to reduce the risk of pollution and the buildup of harmful bacteria. You can normally expect septic tanks to hold between 1000 and 2000 gallons, depending on the amount of wastewater a domestic or commercial property deals with.

Septic Tank Emptying Cost

Prices for septic tank emptying vary depending on the size of your tank. For a small tank, this will take around 45 minutes to empty and will cost you about £175. A medium septic tank will cost around £205, while a large tank could be about £225. If you have a commercial extra large tank, this could take 2-3 hours to empty and cost about £275.

How Often Should It Be Emptied?

For a large septic tank, you will probably only need to get it emptied every year. If you have a smaller, domestic model this might be a more regular occurrence for you. You should never let your septic tank get too full, as this can be hazardous.

Septic Tank Emptying From Professionals

If you need to have your commercial or domestic septic tank emptied, you want to work with a company that will make the process as simple as possible. Work with Aqua Rod South West Ltd for septic tank emptying from a registered waste handler that will ensure the quick and convenient disposal of all waste. We can carry out jobs of any size, with smaller vehicles able to work on sites with restricted access to large vehicles for commercial septic tank emptying.

Septic tank emptying should be a regular occurrence, so we can offer a scheduled maintenance service to empty your tank so it never overflows. So get in touch today by calling 01209 861099 to talk with one of our team and arrange a convenient time and date for your septic tank emptying. We also offer a selection of other drainage solutions, so visit our website to find out more.

Published by: David Parkes on: April 28th 2022